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How SharePoint and Office2SharePoint are helping Cadeler drive its growing business forward



In 2022 Cadeler, a Danish hybrid construction and shipping company, switched to Microsoft SharePoint to handle important files and documents. With its goal of being a key supplier for offshore wind energy development, Cadeler required a stable and secure cloud-based solution for data security.


The company chose SharePoint for its flexibility and data security, and with the help of iGlobe's Office2SharePoint, the company now has an optimized SharePoint experience that saves time and increases efficiency in file and record handling. The SharePoint site was built to meet ISO standards for records management and customer requirements, with a focus on security and compliance. The addition of Office2SharePoint for Outlook and Teams made it easier for employees to securely store and share emails.


The switch to SharePoint has provided Cadeler with a consistent file and document structure across all projects, freeing up time for the company to concentrate on its main goal of helping customers meet their goals.


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Thank you for sharing the article about how Cadeler is leveraging SharePoint and Office2SharePoint to drive their business forward. It's great to see how technology solutions can support and enable growth for companies. I'm curious to learn more about how Cadeler is using these tools specifically and what benefits they are experiencing. Have they seen an increase in productivity or efficiency? Are they able to better collaborate and share information across teams? It would be interesting to hear more about their experience and the lessons learned from implementing these solutions.