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where are all the old categories

where is server forums ?

where is exchange forums ?

where is client windows 10 ?

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Re: where are all the old categories

Hi Microsoft and Microsoft Partners,

I have the same question, "Where's the partrtner-only beef?"

If the Microsoft answer is "We now want you to use the Technet forums", I have a VERY BIG PROBLEM with that from a consulting Partner perspective. I shouldn't need to remind anyone that many (most?) end-user customers will try to beat Partners to a solution to resolve their IT problem themselves and/or get as much free tech support as they can. That means If I'm making daily posts of my as yet unbilled/unpaid and unfinished project work on publically indexed forums, I'm potentially giving away the farm away for free. Microsoft consulting partners go belly-up with that business model.

Imho, removing the non-public and non-indexed partner-only forums is a huge mistake and gives partners the impression that Microsoft's intent is to convert all Partner's to glorified end-users (is that the intention?). I've been in this business for over 25 years and a MAPS subscriber for much of that time. Fortunatley, I seldom (if at all) need to use the 10(?) pre-paid support incidents included with that (now pricy paid) program. Frequently my questions are academic technical discussions about how something is supposed to work, and would do nothing more than confuse the typical end-user.

If at all possible, I'd like someone from Microsoft with senior management authority to jump into this thread and tell me/us exactly why Microsoft thinks it was a good idea to not only shut down the partner-only forums, but also take those forums off-line. That maneuver effectively dumped years of Parner contributions and knowledgbase down the drain.

Why Microsoft? I'm a big boy now and I'm ready to discuss this privately here. Or . . . would you prefer that I hang this partner-only laundry out one one the public forums for everybody to get a good look at?

I look forward to your sincere reply(s).