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outlook 2016 on windows 10 credential issue



My client has a couple of windows 10 professional version 1809 (OS Build 17763.805) and running outlook 2016 Version 1909 (build 12026.20264), connected to exchange on SBS server; now and then outlook asking for crediential and on outlook status bar there is key Icon with the word need password.


If the user click on need password on status bar then it changed to connected to exchange without putting any password/credential, which I can only assume that outlook already has credientical setup and not sure why it behave this way.


This is happend on desktop pc and connected to RJ45, the user working on files on network drive and internet without any issue so network connection is fine; so it's not like scenario where  user is using laptop with wireless connection and lost signal hence it disconnect but it doesn't connected automatically and outlook get disconnected.


This doesn't happen for user with windows 7 with outlook 2016 & 2013, the issue seems to be isolated to widnows 10 user only. This issue also happend with combination of windows 10 with outlook 2013 as well. 


I have tried removing the profile and created the outlook profile, but it doesn't help.

There is nothing related to oulook under windows credential but I found there is 2 entry under generic credential:

- virtualapp/didlogical

- SSO_POP_Device

both entry has some strange username, like 02usrdcfgedpbmau which doesn't make any sense we don't have any user by that username; from what I read on the internet it seems that this is for windows live account which we don't use; not sure why windows create credential for service that we don't use or installed.


I would apprecaited if anybody can shed some light on how to resolve this issue.


Thank you.



- Haris -


On this Partner community there might not be sufficient people monitoring that can give answers on this specific technical issue, this community is more on discussing Partner support options and experiences, not for resolving specific technical issues.


Noticed you mentioned SBS - the most recent version of SBS is based on WS2008 and Exchange 2010 - both being out of support very soon. So instead of goind the tedious way of troubleshooting this issue, I would recommend to first update the environment to a more recent Exchange/Widows Server release and then check again if this still occurs - especially since it does not seem to be a blocking or urgent issue from your description. Yes, I know, updating the environment is not a simple task and it is not a good answer for a question on a technical support issue - but since it is required to upgrade soon anyway it may be less work then troubleshooting this in the current environment.


If you want to go down the route to getting more information on why this can happen and troubleshooting help, I would advice to ask this on the technical community - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/ - since a lot more technical experts are available there. As a partner you can also raise a support ticket for Windows 10/O365 client if you prefer.

Kind regards,
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Thank you for the info.


I thought this is the partner community support, I just found the page that I used to post questions, it seems it has moved to answers.microsoft.com.



- Haris -