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lost mail used to associated for Gold Partner



Two years ago, my company organized for our staffs to get certs for Gold Partner competencies requirements.

IT guy created a list emails:,, then he added his email/phone numbers to be 2FA.

One week ago, he was laid off, then he changed from his old number to new one.

I successfully recovered password, but I am afraid that when the phone transfer is effective, my company will be lost this email.

Please let me know how can I take control these emails for my company.


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Good day @TheNguyen-Henry ,


Thank you for your query!

This person from IT, was the Global Admin in Partner Center? If so, then my advice is to reach out to frontline support: 


If you are the Global Admin in Partner Center, you should have access to see all users and permissions, from the Settings icon at the top right of the Partner Center, select User management.


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Dear Andra,


Yes, i am Global Admin in Partner Center,i already created a ticket on but due to Covid disease, they want i create ticket in here. 

"We are currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests. To help us respond, please submit via our online submission process. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

i've been waiting for 10 days, but no any response from Microsoft.


As you know, in order to associate some one to Partner Center, from Partner Center we create user account and then we link these accounts to learning account of user who passed Microsoft Certs.

But as i mentioned, i've lost learning accounts, i would like to recover it.


i am appreciated if you can help me


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Hi @TheNguyen-Henry ,


Thank you for the details.

Microsoft Partner Community is a destination for partners to engage in business discussions. The best place to get Microsoft support on partner issues is indeed by raising a case via Partner Center.

The online submission process refers to creating a case via Partner Center, so you followed the right process, support will review the case, although experiencing delays at the moment.


Unfortunately I am not in the position to advise any further, as this is beyond my scope.
Unless you can see these addresses as described in the previous post in Partner Center by going to Account Settings -> User Management -> Search for the names of the users, then this is a case for support to help you with retrieving the emails.


If there is a remaining question on the 2FA, this resource could be useful:


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