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kind of ideas and where to find them

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i might not be understanding what Microsoft is asking when with give a idea, what  kind of ideas dose Microsoft look for, i am a Innovation accelerator that specializes in thinking of the next big idea. 


I'm asking because I'm trying to get involved and i can offer you a significant increase in your stock.  We are Partners and I Need to shine a light on the aspect of the possibility that your not seeing the untapped potential that im navigating trying to Build up coalitions between Fighting Phoenix Corp and our Partnership. 


     I can help you yet there has to be a opportunity that the Partner can work with Partner. 


I came to Microsoft to partner and develop our Business together,


i need 5,100 to finish my portfolio to do business with the federal government, with only 2100 coming back in taxes, 


only 6months in on starting up, we survived our first 25% and if we cant find a way to lead change everything done from business trip driving to Washington to connect with your team face to face that turned into a Business venture, to a ADventure, to a SERE Business Survival Mission, AKA a Friends Vacation for his friends. 


     im more ambitious now with a will to see a dream and to own a car, this is the Grind To break out of below poverty 






thanks @EUEPhoenix_Corp  for all the information provided.

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