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error when renewing

A question when renewing this day I made the mistake of choosing Microsoft Action Pack Learning instead of Microsoft Action Pack Partners.
Result for 400 € a very big difference in the products.
I contacted the support of course. But is it possible to make a correction following this error (support suelemnt, a procedure requesting the refund to reapply?)
Thank you for your answers.



Community Manager

Re: error when renewing

Hello @stcad,


If you wish to discuss refund options for an MPN benefit (Action Pack, Silver level or Gold level) you have purchased then please be aware that your request must match the following criteria to be eligible for a refund

  • The purchase was made within the last 30 days
  • All benefits must not be activated/used and the keys must not be viewed (even if they are not activated); otherwhise the request will be denied
  • Tax refund for tax exempt partners


For future reference, please find the link to the artice stating what I have mentioned above.


I hope everything is clear now and thank you very much!


Level 1 Contributor

Re: error when renewing

Yes it is very clear, I contact the authorities tomorrow European competition because Microsoft does not respect the rules of concurence I spend 400 € for nothing. From now on, I will do without Microsoft I return to linux in the world of the free without exploiter.