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Windows 10 (1903) Hello

I have a client that we just purchased a new Dell Latitude 5591 that has a camera and finger printer reader that are supposed to be compatible with Hello.

When I go to the Hello setup (Sign-in Options) I see the red "some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization" (it's connected to a 2008R2 domain that has the update ADMs). 

Hello Face, Fingerprint and PIN all say "This option is currently unavailable"

I have already updated the domain GPO so that Windows Hello for Business has use biometrics turned on and use windows hello for business is turned on. The Logon policy also has the convenience pin turned on as well.


Any suggestions?


First idea would be to disable the convenience PIN GPO, I remember there where some issues when both WHfB and convenience PIN is enabled.

See also


It is also not required for Hello for Business setup - e.g. here are required GPOs

Any info in event log that WHfB registration was successful?


Also - there are quite a few more technical experts available in the technical communities:

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