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Win10 Keys missing is MPN benefits

Hi All

Can I ask does anyone know if Win10 Keys have been removed from the MPN Benefits

I have Windows 10 Features on Demand and  Windows 10 Inbox Apps but not listed anymore is Windows10 itself, I am sure it was there but I had not used it in the past I cant be certain.

Can I ask should it be there and if so is there a way to ask why its gone as I cant see within the portal anyway to ask the question.




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Also noticed this from a few weeks back, however I do now have 10 M365 Premium licenses instead so wondering if something has changed around.

However these keys & ISO download have been a critical part of partner benefits for us over the years so if that's changed we need to understand why.

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You get Windows 10 Enterprise as part of the M365 license.


Posted this recently when someone else had a question on the licence changes.



For the license that you used to get as part of the silver core these have been replaced under the M365 E3 license you now get. Previously you would have had Office 365 E3, Enterprise Mobility + Security, MS Intune and Windows 10 Enterprise.


Not sure that for silver and Mid Market Cloud Solutions you ever got Windows 10 Enterprise, but you did get EMS + Security E3 and Office 365 E3 that have also now been removed and replaced with M365 Business Premium + Business Voice.


All the benefits can be found on the competency benefits table that also lists the recent changes. "