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Why the CSP Support team are not ready to read the details of a request...


I have raised a Partner Support Request through Microsoft Partner Centre as mentioned below:

Request info : Request title: Request to provide access to Marketplace Pricelist for SERBIA


Hi, Is there a specific Marketplace Pricelist for Serbia with Currency : USD ? If yes, Please provide me access to the same. 

I got a reply as mentioned below:

The marketplace currency for Serbia is already USD, as you can see here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/regional-authorization-overview#middle-east-central-europe-and-eastern-europe-region-and-market

It shows that none of your CSP Support agents are ready to spend at least five minutes to read& understand the requirement of the requester.

This is not the first time I am getting this kind of response.

Please check the attached snapshots for your reference.



Deepak Shanmugam 

Community Manager

@JanoschUlmer thanks for your kind guidance here!
And to your point we strongly recommend users to avoid exposing PII on the public forums (MPN IDs, email addresses, full names, locations etc.), therefore @deeshanm please note I have removed this information from the conversation to protect your data.


Thank you for understanding,



Hi @deeshanm 

Sorry to hear that you support experience was not to your expectations. As Direct Reseller/Indirect provider you can escalate any support issues via your account team, e.g. you have a technical/service account manager as primary contact for any support issues you experience.

This would also be preferable to exposing your own PII (Email address) or engineer names in this rather public forum, as well as it would increase chances to get a response quicker.

Looking at you domain/accountname this account is coming from a CSP Reseller tenant located in Sweden and the request was opened from a CSP profile in Sweden, and technically this Partner Center can only sell to countries in the same region. Now, Serbia is in another region (East Europe/Middle East)  as the available sales region of the tenant where you raised the request from, and thus there is no price list for Serbia available (nor is the support agent allowed to share this).

I can not test this, since my test tenant is in the same Europe-region as your CSP tenant is in, but I'm pretty sure the price list for Serbia is available in a Partner Center tenant eligible to sell to Serbia. Maybe you have access to another Partner Center account for the given reason using a different account?

I also think this is why the request may led to confusion, the engineer did probably not expect you were asking for something that can not be available (in the Partner Center where you started the request) - if you have wrote "I can not find a price list for serbia" the engineer would probably have checked if this is due to the region, since you asked "I need a price list for Serbia in USD" I personally might also be irritated since the price list is in USD anyway. 

Hopefully this could also be clarified in the subsequent discussion you had with engineer.



Kind regards,