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Why does the Business Apps Solution not count PAL for Net Customer Adds?

We're an SMB and it's been quite challenging to understand how and when to associate customers by PAL, DPOR, CPOR, etc. We deal mostly with Azure and Power Platform, so it seemed best to always do PAL. 


I've been struggling to see any form of Power BI or Power Automate services show up in our reports, even had a simple case open for 4 months that no one could answer ("How do I confirm if I'm getting credit for Power Automate work?")


While I'm dealing with that, the BizApps solution partner credential has 0 net customer adds because they only accept CPOR, DPOR and CSP as credit to earn points there. Yet, when you scroll down and look at the info it even shows you the PAL kb article (see screenshot). 


This is so frustrating because we have limited reach to many of our client's global admins that have access to that sort of thing (DPOR). For CPOR, I always understood it was to collect incentives - in fact, the kb article mentions that's ONLY what it's for - doesn't signify it will help you with the BizApps solution. 


Does anyone have any more guidance on when/how to use DPOR or CPOR? I'd love to see what it looks like from the customer's perspective, or what happens when it's submitted so I can understand the context more. 


If you click 'View Requirements' under the performance section you'll see what I'm talking about. Here are two screenshots of the scrolling pop up because it won't let me open in a new window. 


I'd love for MS to explain why PAL is not acceptable for BizApps credit when so many other things are (the Power Platform and Power BI partnerships for start!).

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@sb_brooke I'm sorry for your issues here. You mentioned you submitted a support ticket? Can you share the ticket number with me so I can help you escalate it and get you some help? 

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Thanks @v-jillarmour - The ticket was 2205130010002338 . They closed it, but I never really understood why and basically gave up. They kept passing it around to different teams. 

I needed to find out where I can confirm our Power AUtomate work was being credited by using the PAL method. Because if some reason it wasn't, I needed to figure out how I do get credit - if we have to ask the client to do DPOR or not. I'm certainly not going through all that work with them if I don't have to! But fast-forward to after putting in this ticket, and finding out I have to do DPOR or CPOR to get credit with the BizApp solution partner, I guess I have to do it anyways....


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