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WDS / MDT - HP UEFI - downloads .wim then blank screen

Problem Description: WDS - I am unable to image 2 of these machines (HP Model: 7KK20UT#ABA) - They both will download the .wim file, but then go to a blank screen. The lights on the front are (white, white, blank) while downloading .wim. after it goes to the blank screen the lights are (white, amber, blank).


-    I have injected drivers to the server. (basic drivers and all drivers)

-    My other HP elite desktops (21+ computers all imaged fine with UEFI enabled).

-    I also attempted to clear TPM and secure boot disabled.

-    When set to Bios mode - .wim boots just fine.

-    Updated bios - no change.

-    Attempted DHCP Boot files - /boot/x64/; /boot/x64/Wdsmgfw.efi; /boot/x64/; they all boot and download the .wim / end with the same blank screen.

-    connected external monitor - no change.



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