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W10 net view system error 64


I'm having issues with a Surface Pro running Windows 10.

I'm trying to configure a scanner to access a share on the computer via SMB.

After no success I then tried connecting to the same share via a Windows XP computer as I believe the XP computer is likely to emulate the scanner.

I can ping the W10 computer by IP address

Both net view and net use fail by IP address with system error 64

I have checked the following:

- that the wireless network is classified as private
- that network discovery and sharing is allowed for private networks
- I have disabled the Windows firewall for private networks
- net view does work on the computer itself (e.g. net view \\
- I have enabled SMB 1.x (both client and server on the W10 computer)

Appreciate suggestions on other things to try




@vwickham : There might be more technical experts on the MS tech communities: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-10/ct-p/Windows10

This community if more for discussing technical support experiences for Partners, not really for technical troubleshooting of user problems.


It might also help to understand what kind of scanner this is, if the Windows 10 you are trying to connect to is domain joined or AzureAD joined or if you only have local account or personal Microsoft account. Also if you try to connect using an anonymous connection or user name & password.


And I would recommend to enable firewall again and disable SMB1 - since this was obviously not the cause of the issue - and it rarely ever is 🙂

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According to the current situation, I suggest that you edit group policies by the following steps:


  1. Press Windows + R and type gpedit.msc in the search box.
  2. Turn to Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Network-> Lanman Workstation.
  3. Double click on Enable insecure guest logons.
  4. Check Enable option and click OK.


In order to help you better, would you like to share error message through OneDrive and attach the shared link in your reply?


Hope these are helpful.