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Vetting status rejected



For the past 2 month we are trying to on board a new Partner in Patner Center, I've got to the point of Employment Verification, which support tells me it was because they couldn't find my name in Domain registration just removed the security under my domain and talked with a support chat didn't helped, called the support team, now I'm for the last 3 weeks waiting for support to solve this with no luck.


And we are still waiting for support to solve this, they say they've scalated but I really don't understand why it takes so long for a simple process to be checked.


thank you


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We having the same issue, we provides all requested documents but support is unable to solve this since april. We loose our gold status in the end of this month. Unbelievable bad support.

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I have the exact same problem and my privacy is turned off in my domain as well. I've opened several tickets with Microsoft and they keep on bouncing me back and forth and don't fix anything. I haven't even been able to contact the vetting team. It's been several weeks. I think it's because they use subpar contractors.