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Very confusing for MPN: Two accounts with same email address

I'm really fighting with all those logon screens each time I'm using the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). And this is why:

I'm using my personal email address since the 1990s. I created a "Microsoft account" (or LiveID) with it many years ago and I'm using this Microsoft account for my Win10 PCs at home (they are not domain joined).

I also used this Microsoft account with my personal email address to join the MPN. In the beginning with an ActionPack subscription and now as a Microsoft partner. Of course nowadays I'm using an Office 365 account with my personal email address.

So this way I have two accounts (the old "Microsoft account" and my "normal" Office 365 account) with the same email address. Whatever I want to do on the MPN website, I'm logged on with the wrong account.

Today I tried to find a way to add the "Microsoft Partner" badge to my account in the Microsoft Community. I had to enter my credentials four times until I reached my profil page (and didn't find a way to tell the account that I'm a Microsoft partner) because of this mess with my accounts.

Is there a way to clean up that confusing mess in MPN? I can't change my normal business account (Office 365) and I can't change the old Microsoft account that I used at countless places during the past 15 years.


Florian Pürner
KOPFteam GmbH