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I am thinking of using expressroute for are remote users to access Office 365.  Has anyone set it up within a VPN environment?


Have a few configuration questions regarding services used to connect to it.  Please reply back and I will ask away.


The main question is why do you think of using ExpressRoute, what benefit are you trying to gain?


ExpressRoute is only for scenarios where customers need a private, direct connection to Office 365 because of regulatory reasons. ExpressRoute will be established between a disctinct customer location using MPLS connectivity from a local telco - so a Remote User can not simply ExpressRoute as with P2S VPN. A remoteuser could use P2S vpn to dial in to the company HQ and from there use ExpressRoute.


Generally, ExpressRoute for O365 is not a recommend option for every customer, it should be avoided unless there is a very specific scenario where ExpressRoute is absolutely needed.

See also https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/enterprise/azure-expressroute for more information on the effort to set this up (only be approval from Microsoft) and shortcomings since you never can tunnel every connection attempt to ExpressRoute.

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I have a bit more narrative to the question.


Does it support point to site connectivity, such as listed in the example below to our tenant?  

Has anyone deployed it successfully?