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Unable to get any clarification or reply for requests raised through Partner Centre



I have raised a support request through Microsoft Partner Centre as mentioned below:


Request title: Request to provide a clarity on the difference between two SKUs

Product Type : License-based offers

Details : 

Hi, There are two SKUs with almost same Offer Display Name mentioned below. Microsoft 365 E3 2b3b8d2d-10aa-4be4-b5fd-7f2feb0c3091 Microsoft 365 E3 - Unattended License 7671c37b-a812-4061-ac9d-51689d9fd2da Could you please check and clarify on the difference of these SKUs or offer ID ?


I have received the reply as mentioned below:




Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

A stock keeping unit is a unique identifier for an item sold by a retailer.
SKUs work to differentiate products from each other. It would be difficult to track sales and inventory without classifying that's why we have SKU. 

 Offer ID

Offer Identification means to identify the offer we use Offer ID. 
Reference:- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/develop/get-an-offer-by-id
I hope I was able to provide resolution to your concern and If my understanding is not parallel with what you want to achieve with this support case, please let me know so I can call you and get a better understanding of the issue and kindly provide us Subscription GUID if you need more details regarding the subscription. 


I have asked to provide the difference between these SKUs and not between the SKU & Offer ID.


Could anybody please let me know how to escalate this response to the next level in the CSP Support teams ?



Deepak Shanmugam

Community Manager

Hi @sadm_deeshanm ,


I am familiar with the support path available to partners, which is indeed: https://partner.microsoft.com/support

Frontline Support has a wider visibility on other areas and support paths, so my recommendation is to see the outcome of your newest case.

The link above admin.microsoft.com is not working for me. 😞

Given that my role is tied this community and platform, my access and expertise are limited when it comes to support areas.


Have a great day ahead,




About the M365 unattended license: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/office/blogs/new-licensing-options-for-microsoft-365-for-unattended-scenarios/



Then all available SKUs/license types will also be referred in the Product Terms - the Product Terms should be the first place to look to get to know the rulings and availability of a license.

The Product Terms refer to the Online Services Terms for the specific use rights for the unattended license.

Product Terms and Online Services Terms are mentioned (and linked) in the MCA also - direct link to downloading those: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Licensing/product-licensing/products?rtc=1


I attached a screenshot from the September 2020 version of these terms.


Community Manager

Hi Deepak,


Thanks for your feedback!

Before escalating, have you clarified to the agent what you are looking for? i.e.: I have asked to provide the difference between these SKUs and not between the SKU & Offer ID.

I am sure this was a misunderstanding.


If this issue cannot be solved by the agent, they will escalate it to the next level. 




Level 1 Contributor

Hi Andra,


I had a call with Lakshmi, Partner Frontline Advocate regarding this request.

She didn't even say an apology for her earlier response and asked me to check into another portal : admin.microsoft.com to raise any query related to the product.

I have raised a request through this portal also.

As per my knowledge, my entire team was raising any kind of CSP requests only through partner.microsoft.com.

Could you please check and clarify with the portal details that should be for raising the categorized requests ?


Deepak Shanmugam 

@sadm_deeshanm : Have you looked at my reply above?

Generally Partner Center support is for questions related to Partner Center and CSP from a programmatic perspective (e.g. is this SKU available? Where to find it? Where to find prices? How to provision via Partner Center?), while when there are problem reg. a specific service, like M365 Apps For Enterprise, the service-specific admin portals can be used to raise a ticket on behalf of a customer, like admin.microsoft.com.


However, as noted above, this is more related to supporting specific problems, the technical support team have limited ability to give advice on the technical features and how to use this - neither is this kind of technical advice something Partner Center support can handle.


If you need technical advice on how to implement a product, what are feature differences, what are scenarios enabled with a certain product etc. you can ask e.g. in this community (well, the "feedback & support discussion" is probably not the right sub-group for general question on a product), in the technical communities  and - if you are MAPS, Silver or Gold-level partner - you can ask in the technical PreSales and Deployment services team https://aka.ms/technicalservices to get technical advice


Level 1 Contributor

Hi Andra,



I have replied to the Support Agent but not yet received any response from them.



Deepak Shanmugam