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Unable to associate MCP with Partner Account

We have a member of staff who is trying to associate their account to our partner profile.

Following the standard instructions (


The click on "Associate Microsoft Learning Account"; successfully login with their account tied to their MCP registration. The screen then "thinks for a bit" and returns to the My Profile screen. Except the "Associate Microsoft Learning Account" button is still there and the account doesn't link.

When clicking on the "Get Partner University Access" a similar process ensues and it just returns to the My Profile with the Associate and Get access buttons.

We've tried this with Edge, Chrome, InPrivate, InCognito etc. flushing the cache etc. all to no avail.


We've confirmed that the initial login is with the member of staff's work account and when associating they are using their correct MCP credentials that permits access to exam registrations and transcripts.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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HI @_Shannon ,


there is additional documentation on this topic, I want to share with you.

Resources providing knowledge on how to link or unlink MCP IDs

Recommended Steps

  • Users should sign in with their individual work account credentials in the Microsoft Partner website and access your Dashboard
  • Then, the user goes to the top right corner of the Dashboard, clicks on his/her name and chooses My profile
  • In the page that opens, each user associates the Partner University account and/or Microsoft Learning account by clicking on:
    • Get Partner University access (for assessments recognition) or
    • Associate Microsoft Learning account
    • Note: Partner university account will be associated to the Partner Center user account and the user’s assessments will reflect in the Partner Center User Skills report within 72 hrs
  • For additional help, please refer to the recommended documents below

Recommended Documents

Finally I would suggest you raise a case to support : Partner Center (


I hope this helps,