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Unable to add the Developer Program to a Microsoft Partner account

I found a couple of publicly asked questions about the same issue, but none was resolved.


We have a Microsoft Partner account; it already has the Hardware Program and CSP Program added. Now we need to add the Developer Program so we can publish our applications at the Windows Store.


However, when I try to add the Windows & XBox Developer program, I receive this error:


Sign in with another account
You are signed in as xxx@xxx.onmicrosoft.com which is not associated with a Partner Center account. If you believe this is an error, try deleting your browser cookies and then do one of the following:

- Sign in with an Azure AD user account that is already associated with a Partner Center account
- Sign in with a Microsoft account that is already associated with a Partner Center account
- Sign in with a Microsoft account that you’d like to register for a new Partner Center account


Tried this from different machines and different browsers -- the same result, so it's not about browser cookies/cache. And this account is already associated with the Partner Center (and we already have two partner programs added).


So, how do I add the Developer Program?

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Ok @ltgsven thanks for this valuable feedback and I am taking it internally!

And for my understanding you passed the business verification process ? If yes, can you share when that occurred?

Feel free to send me a private message with these details.


Have a great day ahead,


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It seems like the anti spam is a little too cautious, i can't answer your DM



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Hi @ltgsven ,


Thanks for catching that.

This is not the anti spam system. Most likely is a glitch, I have seen this in the past, so I will check in the back-end.




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I have the same issue since june, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/17152/enroll-developer-program.html describes the same issue with no response. Support couldn't help yet.

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Both docs are completely irrelevant. The only doc that descibes this is Opening a developer account - UWP applications | Microsoft Docs, and it clearly states that it should work fine with existing partner center profiles & azure ad.

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Hi, We are also experiencing the same problem. We cannot add or register as a developer even though the account we are using is associated with a partner center account. Have anyone resolved this issue?

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Hello @vovkos ,


Thank you for your query! 

I restored your post, perhaps due to the attached error image the system might have seen it as spam.


Regarding your question, I am wondering if you went through these resources?




Thank you,


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Hello Andra,


Thank you for promptly restoring the question.


Yes, I did read those resources. I was following the steps in the first article, but I can't complete the enrollment because the Partner Center asks me to log in with another account (see the original post).


Once again,


1. We do have a Partner Account (with two partner programs already added);

2. I can successfully log in to this account and proceed to the dashboard;

3. When I click "Add a new program" and select "Windows & Xbox Developer" I am asked to log in with another account.


What should I do now? How do I add the Developer program to our account?




Community Manager

Hi @vovkos ,


thanks, I also read the documentation and my understanding is you need to create a separate account: 

Create an account using an existing Partner Center enrollment

If you already have an enrollment in Partner Center, to create your account:

  • Sign in to Partner Center using your existing credentials.
  • Click the gear icon, and then choose Developer settings > Programs.
  • On the Your Programs page, in the Office Store tile, choose Get Started.
  • Complete the details on the publisher profile page.
  • Read the terms and conditions in the Microsoft Office Store Agreement, and then select Accept and continue to complete your enrollment.


If this does not help, I suggest you reach out to support, by  submitting a case via our online submission process.



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It doesn't help, partner center forwards to developer support because they seem to not be able to help. 

Developer Support tells me that this is clearly a partner center issue.

We need a resolution for this, it is not possible to enroll for the program right now.

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I am running into this issue as well. I have been able to start the process for vetting of my company account in MPC for developer access. I used the exact same steps you outlined in your previous response. ( Thank you for that, by the way. Those outlined steps are always appreciated!)


However, the vetting process in the Microsoft Partner Center is stuck on Employment Verification when selecting the gear->Developer Settings option from the UI.


My MPN access is already done and is good. It seems that the request for the Developer permission is what is hung up being vetted.


Submitting a request to the Partner network support does not allow them to finalize my request. The people in the Live department are not able to see what I am talking about.


Someone is able to vet my company's request (as seen in the first two points showing as okay, 3rd is requiring more information). So, someone is stopping their vetting at the Employment Verification for developer access. How can I get in touch with whomever might be doing that vetting? I can supply needed documentation to finalize our access for that ability.


Kind regards,

Community Manager

Hey @Chris-Perigee ,


Have you already submitted a case to support on this vetting issue?






Please see this documentation for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/verification-responses





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Hi Andra,

Thank you for the reply! Yes, I have a case started with Developer Center
support. However, I have had a few questions go through the vetting team at
MPN and the Live team, etc. I am hoping to approach the
solution efficiently and make sure my terminology and department contacted
are correct.

Thank you again for any insight you might be able to provide.
Community Manager

Hey @Chris-Perigee ,


Thank you for clarification.

Not sure what happened by I attached a screenshot previously and did not come through.

So you need to make sure you have submitted a case to MPN Support following this support path.

I`m not sure at this point I can give you any other insights.




Thank you,