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Transferring customers to another CSP account without customer being notified


We offer our customers to buy the "Microsoft 365 Apps for business" and we use Microsoft CSP API to provision their tenant, users, subscription, etc. Customers can only use the simple control panel that we provide to them to mange their users. So customers don't have access to their admin account on Microsoft. We create the admin account initially (as it's mandatory) but it's never used.
Now we are about to change our tenant and during this process, we need to move all our customers to the new tenant. We're trying to find the simplest solution (preferably without involving customers) to do this transfer. Here are possible technical solutions that we know of:
  1. Send an email to customers with the link to a page that asks for customer consent to have our new tenant be registered as their reseller. Customer should login with their admin account to accept our new tenant as their reseller. So it requires us to send customer the admin password of their tenant which means they can do anything (e.g. creating new users, deleting users, etc.) that we'll not be informed so we'll not be able to invoice them. So while this is technically possible, it can't be an acceptable solution.
  2. Use the admin user/password of customer's tenant to manually access the link (mentioned above) and do the consent on behalf of the customer. This is a simple solution that can be done manually for all customers (it's few thousands but is still possible to do manually) but it's probably not legal (we're not sure if it would be legal either to inform customer that we're going to do this to your account).
We're looking for any other solution that could make this transfer happen without customer intervention. 

I've already read the following pages but none of the solutions work as we want:

Does anyone knows any other solution that we could achieve this without customer getting involved?



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Thanks for the answer Janosch. So seems there is no way to do it without pain 😉.


As per the customer agreement customer has the right to request admin permissions for his tenant, so generally it IS an acceptable solution to give the Customer admin access 🙂

Customer even has the right to remove admin permission from you as Partner - which will not impact your ability to invoice the licenses btw. Only question if your SLAs and servicing fees would be impacted if the customer uses his rights to have admin access themselves, but this can be handled in the agreement you have set up with them.


To your question on "is this legal" - I'm not a legal advisor, and I guess in this community you won't find somebody who will be able to make a binding, legal statement. However, you can check the MPA for obligations you have to adhere to as a Partner, and the MCA for rights your customer have. Overall, since the tenant is owned by the customer - not you as a Partner - my opinion is that any change of Partner in the customers tenant should be communicated and made transparent to the customer. Even if it would not be specifically required as per above mentioned agreements, IMO still it is good & trustworthy business practice to communicate with the customer about that.


So I would announce via an email communication those changes will happen, mention that if customer agrees you do this on his behalf (and thus do as you described in your Option 2)  - and maybe you can even combine this with an update to the customers approval to the current MCA (Since you will need to set the info for MCA acceptance anyway in your new Partner Center account for each customer again - so you would need to know the date of approval and person on customer side that approved).











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