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SQL Server ODBC link


I wrote an MS Access App to print barcode labels from data fetched from 3 regional SQL Server databases' using an ODBC connection string in Access VBA for the App, this has been working fine for 2 to 3 years.


However, one of the regional databases was moved to a new SQL Server eleswhere. I was provided with the SQL login credentials (same as previously) and the new IP address of the new SQL Server.


The Other two ODBC links to the remaining 2 Databases are working perfectly.


I changed the IP address in the Access App connection string of the PC running the App (windows 10 pro) which required the data from the new SQL Database, and the connections fails.


Just to check I tried to create an ODBC link in the Windows OS which also failed.


As this is a new Windows 2012 server and SQL Server 2012 build I am thinking that something is missing on the host Server to enable the ODBC link, I have installed ODBC for SQL Server on the Windows Server to no avail.


Is there any prerequisites that need to be on the server to enable a client ODBC connection to be made? I naively thought ODBC was a native function of the SQL Server on Windows Server.


The ODBC link to previous SQL Server was very simple and easy to get running and very reliable, Im not sure whats going one with this one. Any Advice please?



Jerry Barrett

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Hi Jerry,


I noticed this is an older unaddressed topic. Have you managed to find a solution?

For similar queries, you can always reach out to the Tech Community, in this particular case here: SQL Server


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