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Question of merging account and updating company name

I have question on merging account and updating company name in personal profile here at Microsoft Partner community. 


I was using this community with personal id for al most 3 years now, as it was the case with previous MPN portal authentication, and now that it is work id login, the previous and this user needs to be merged. 


Another question is, when i signed up here as new work id based (partner center) login, it picked our legal name instead of brand name (which we specify in the location name in partner center). this pulling legal entity name is confusing for us as it will create brand confusion to our customers and Microsoft teams we are working. 


if this cant be changed, then my question is why am i not seeing Microsoft Corpration or Microsoft Canada or Microsoft India Coporation for Microsoft name? if you know what i mean, it should be only brand or single marketing name we wish should be there. (it was there in old pinpoint, solution finder directory of partner portal).


Thank you