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Problems with external Yammer Community

Greetings from Germany,


I am part of the German Microsoft Partner Community (msdepartner) on Yammer. I recieve updates via Mail that people post something but I can't access external communitys anymore. My company doesn't use Yammer at all but we have an internal community wich I'm automatically part of. But for some odd reasons, I can't change to an external community anymore. Is there an workaround or solution to this problem? 

I can even use the link to register to the community, but all it does is either trying to log me into my internal community or the information, that I'll recieve an email to verify my registration.


So long,


Level 4 Contributor

A network must be able to synchronize all domains with AAD, which means . . .

There can only be one home network on the Office 365 tenant.
All domains on the tenant are associated with the Yammer network.
All domains on the Yammer network are associated with the tenant.
All users must be in AAD, which means . . .

Office 365 Identity must be enforced in the home network.
No Network Level Guests in the network.
No Group Level Guests in the network because those users do not currently map to users in AAD.
No thread-level Guests.
No inactive unmapped users (for example, a user with Yammer authentication who was not deleted when they left the organization).
All groups must be connected, which means . . .

Only users with Office 365 Group creation rights can create groups in Yammer.
No Yammer group can be created until we can ensure the group is connected.
No unlisted private groups or external groups, because those groups are not currently connectable.


Hi Niels, 


you might have to change from the Yammer Beta to the old design to be able to see the external networks. One of the admins in the Yammer admin has also to approve your request which might take a while since we are currently migrating to the German Partner Zone here on the Microsoft Partner Community. 


The good thing is that due to the migration all important information will also be shared in the German Partner Zone so you will most likely don't miss anything if you cannot login to the external Yammer network. 


In case you keep experiencing these difficulties, please let us know. 




Community Manager

Good day @NHaukenfrers ,


Thanks for your feedback!

I can only confirm that you can find on this platform the German Partner Zone, the community for german partners, where you can find updates and conversations between german partners and Microsoft staff.

@Maria , do you have visibility over the Yammer groups and I believe you can indicate what is the best route for Niels?


Thanks a lot,