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Problems w/ the MPN

I have been having serious issues with the Microsoft Partner Network recently. There has been enough confusion with how the partner program has been shaken up and how ISVs were pushed to the side without any clear communication for a long time period. A badly needed technology upgrade also has been rocky, to say the least.


I have been a long time partner with almost every organization I have built and organized for decades, brought an enormous amount of business to Microsofts platforms, and feel like Microsoft is losing its care for partners or at least causing increasing hurdles to have to address.


In the latest round of issues:


  1. I found out our partnership had expired, so I searched through all of the emails I have received and we did not receive one single piece of email notifying us of the expiration.
  2. I logged in and the service was reporting data issues requiring multiple refresh just to review our competencies and the potential to renews.
  3. Now today, I no longer seem to have any access to the MPN dashboard or functionality.
  4. The ticketing wouldn't work because the access isn't working, so I had to dig for a phone number, which no longer seems to exist, and finally found a page where I can submit a ticket.

I am curious to hear about other people's experiences with MPN recently.