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Power BI Server rights with SQL Enterprise Subscription license

Under the "Server Subscriptions for Azure" product terms, it states that customer can purchase SQL Enterprise Server Subscription and use that to run Power BI Server On-Premise server or on Azure. Is that correct?

Using the Software on Customer’s Servers
Alternatively, Customer may use SQL Server on Customer’s Licensed Servers. In this case, SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Enterprise Core Subscription Licenses provide the same rights as other volume licensing SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Enterprise core licenses, respectively, subject to the same terms and conditions as stated in SQL Server. During the term of its subscription, Customer is additionally granted rights equivalent to the rights provided to SA customers under Self-Hosting, Disaster Recovery, License Mobility across Server Farms, Fail-over Rights, and Unlimited Virtualization* as well as rights to use Machine Learning Server for Windows*, Machine Learning Server for Linux*, Machine Learning for Hadoop*, and Power BI Report Server*. Use of the software is subject to the same terms and conditions.

*Subject to availability. Rights applicable for SQL Server Enterprise Core customers only.


Since the Product terms are part of the customer agreement, they are correct "by design" 🙂

Afaik, when installing the PowerBI report server it should accept the product key from the SQL Enterprise CSP Subscription the customer can download from the M365 Admin portal.

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