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Please give us a complete user skills list

The userskills report that can be downloaded from Partner Center is incomplete, in that sense that it only includes certifications that are relevant for a partner competency or advanced specialization.
Please give us a complete overview of all exams and certifications that our people hold.



@michellekempen : The report download hub available here: Downloadshub | Analytics | Insights | Partner Center ( (See for documentation) should contain this, but in my testing I needed to switch to the old experience since the new experience did only show Cloud Product Performance Reports:




Also make sure that your user account has the executive report viewer role for whole organization set as @ChristianFUMEY mentioned:


I also recommend to sign out and back in again after setting new roles for yourself.



Then, when generating reporting to get info about all exams be sure to select "Lifetime" as option:



Could you check again and provide feedback if this works?

Kind regards, Janosch (Note: Leaving role as of March 2023, don't expect further answers. Connect with me via LinkedIn:
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Am I missing something? The training report doesn't show what certifications or what individuals.

When I download a Csv I get the tables in numbers. Not the details I need at all. 

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Hello @michellekempen Can you give me a bit more detail on what you are referring to with a "training report?" I don't know ANYTHING about this, but I will do my best to find someone internally to provide some guidance. The more detail the better as I will need to find the correct group to help.


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I'm looking at the same url discussed in this thread - 

I recall there used to be a way to download an excel with certificates attained by the people in my organisation. But I can't find that anywhere anymore. 

That insights dashboard is giving empty numbers that don't mean a thing if I can't see what certificates or what people have them. 

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@Roshi @mindyallison is this something your team can help with?


@michellekempen I also found this in Microsoft Docs, it was posted just last month, maybe it will lead you to an updated link? Please keep me posted on what you find and post it back here so we can help others. If you still can't find anything let me know that too. 🌻

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That report shows microsoft learn stats, does not pertain to achieved exams/certificates. 

I do see data, I know people have linked their profiles, but no data on certificates. 


I believe the data should be under training, but It's just not there. 

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Training Report in Partner Center Insights is interesting because it displays a complete list of organization’s exams, certifications and Technical Assessments along with learners’ names and email addresses, even those that are no more accurate for a Competency or an Advanced Specialization. This is great.

But for those that can count in Competencies or Advanced Specializations, could you also add this data ? This is available in the Report you can get in Competencies page or the even more complete one you can get on some Advanced Specialization pages: could you merge these 3 reports in only one very complete ?

I also have a problem of access to this Training Report. If you are a partner with many entities and give Reports access to only some Locations, such a user will export an empty Training Report !!! Answer to Partner Center Support case is: ''give this user an Enterprise-wide Reports role'': this is not acceptable. Can you correct this ?

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Hello RikD,


There is a Training Report in Partner Center Insights, which displays a complete list of your organization’s exams, certifications and Technical Assessments along with learners’ names and email addresses. This report supports raw data export, enabling you to carry out your own analysis. We’ve also added two new Partner Center reporting roles, Executive Report Viewer and Report Viewer, that you can assign to others in your team, enabling you to manage access as you see fit within your organization. To get started, select Insights from the Partner Center left-hand navigation menu, then select Organization Skills.


Important detail: To ensure an accurate count of achievements in the Training Dashboard, please encourage your employees to visit Partner Center, sign in with their work email account, and follow these steps to “associate” their certifications or Partner University Assessment results with your organization.  


Hope this helps





@ShreyasGanesh Hello, can you please have a look on this thread and advise if and how PC Insights can be leveraged?

@RikD for context, please see this recording:



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