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Partnership with Dash Technologies Inc., Columbus, Ohio.

Reaching Out for Partnership Opportunity 🤝 with Dash Technologies Inc., Columbus, Ohio.


Hi, this is for the tech companies in USA.


I work in Business Development Department at Dash Technologies Inc. We’re specialists in IT Staff Augmentation, Right to Hire Services, Temporary Employment, etc. in the USA.

Given that you’re a leading Software Company within our niche, I believe a collaboration would be in both our interests. In particular, you’d benefit from being able to access our consulting team and our dedicated team of versatile recruiters with 3+ years of experience specialized into all spectrums of recruitment.


Please feel free to contact me on har$  for any further information.



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I would love the opportunity to consult with you can reach me at 613-220-2505 I will be available for telephone calls on Tuesday of next week anytime after 2 p.m.