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Partner Support Broken

I have tried 3 times on two computers with 3 different browsers to submit a service request on the Partner site: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/dashboard/support/mpn/servicerequests?category=mpn


In all cases, after clicking submit, the page appears to submit successfully and then I am presented with the default "Partner request" page that shows zero (0) open or closed requests.


On an unrelated note, the reason I tried to create the request is because the Office 2019 download appears to be broken.


I am able to download any software on our benefits list. Office 2019 is listed the same way as the rest and yet when I attempt to download it, the site just spins forever and eventually times out. URL: https://mpnbenefitscbdsrtl.microsoft.com/pr/SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2019_32_BIT_X64_English_C2R_X21-84626.ISO?t=...


Hi @john_at_physoft,


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I'm trying to figure out what exactly went wrong in your process of submitting the ticket to support. 


You are saying that after you tried three times to submit a service request on Partner Center, you don't see the the requests in the "Partner requests" tab. My question is, if you, after submitting the request, have seen a ticket id or number? We can use that one in order to check if the request has been submitted properly not.


Moreover, if you have not received any ticket ID could you please try again and send me a screen shot on what do you see after submitting the request? This will help me have a better understanding of your issue in order to find the best solution. 


Thank you!



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Today, it worked a little differently, if only for a second.  I submitted my test ticket (see first photo below) and for a moment, the ticket actually appeared in the list with an actual ticket ID.  I clicked the ticket ID (which was obviously a link) and it loaded a page that said "No requests" in red.  Confused, I refreshed the page and then got the usual "No requests" page, with the text in black as shown in the second photo below.  I didn't think to take a screen shot with the ticket ID, unfortunately, nor one of the red "No requests".


1. Before submitting1. Before submitting


2. After post-submission refresh2. After post-submission refresh


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I forgot to mention an important fact.  Yesterday's original submissions (at least the first two) must have gone through because I received e-mail responses.  Here are the ticket numbers / Case IDs (which still do not appear on my Open or Closed request lists:


Case ID: 619101694631483

E-mail Subject: SRX619101694631483ID - MPN Online_CDT_6015286_Unable to download Office Professional Plus 2019

(This one is open and active)


Case ID: 619101691676134

E-mail Subject: SRX619101691676134ID - MPN Online_CDT_6015286_Unable to download Office Professional Plus 2019

(This one was closed as a duplicate)


Hi @john_at_physoft 


Thank you for replying!


I have checked and the tickets are escalated to the person in charge to solve the issue. They are working on it and I am sure that you will receive a resolution as soon as possible.


Thank you very much for your patience and I hope everything will be solved soon. Feel free to get in touch with me if you still need clarifications and I will do my best to help. 


Have a nice day! 


Level 3 Contributor

Microsoft Team Memebers - what was the problem here?


I lost ALL of my IURs due to a website error in the partner center.  Partner support denied there was a website error (very similar to what this person is experiencing) and denied replenishing my licenses that got lost due to the website error.


The Partner Center has been broken and buggy for YEARS.  Over a decade at least.  Now they say there isn't anything wrong with the site...  

But it seems you were able to get support to accept there WAS in fact a problem with the site, and now it's working.  

I guess you could say I'm tagging this post as evidence that the partner center website DOES break, and MS employees agree that it was broken.


~Nick Kershner

Level 2 Contributor

Agreed - I just renewed my MAP subscription and when I try to access some benifits I get an error indicating that I need to "Validate" my account.

Level 3 Contributor

Thanks for chiming in BrnHornet. These are the exact types of errors with the portal they are denying happens.

Note that when I provided a DETAILED DM to the last rep describing some of the errors, that rep never replied. It's been over a month.


I would just appreciate not being told I'm crazy when the website is broken and I report it. 

Level 2 Contributor

No problem - I just tried again today below is what I got - apologies for the dup






Hi @john_at_physoft 


Thank you for replying on my comment!


I will do an investigation on the cases and on your clarifications and will get in touch as soon as possible.


Thank you!


Community Manager

hi @john_at_physoft,


Thank you for raising this concern. We will look into and aim to get back to you with a solition within the next business day. 

@Mihai or @Andra will you escalate this to the appropriate team for immediate action to resolve?