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Partner Center Competency View

In the Previous Partner Membership Center, I was able to view the individual's name that acheived a certification.  I can no longer view that in the new Partner Center, even with Global Admin rights.  What can be done to allow me to view this information?  I've been on two chat's with Microsoft Support without success.  When calling the support line, I am unable to speak with anyone and disconnected if it's not a systme down issue. 


Re: Partner Center Competency View

Afaik this can only be done indirectly by downloading the certification report.

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Re: Partner Center Competency View

Agree with @rhughes, the info on who took the certifications/tests was much better in PMC than it is now in Partner Center.

We need to be able to see who took the exam, not just "still missing one".

Bring over the functionality we had in PMC.