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Partner Center Competency View

In the Previous Partner Membership Center, I was able to view the individual's name that acheived a certification.  I can no longer view that in the new Partner Center, even with Global Admin rights.  What can be done to allow me to view this information?  I've been on two chat's with Microsoft Support without success.  When calling the support line, I am unable to speak with anyone and disconnected if it's not a systme down issue. 

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The employee has enrolled their certification to the organization but I cant see the skill report in partner portal yet. How much time does it takes to reflect in partner portal

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Previously I've seen exams appear within 24 hours, but for some reason at the moment I've not seen any updates for about 2 weeks and on my skills report I no longer see the assessments and competencies have gone to in progress.

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I agree this really could be improved, it's not convenient to see who passed the exams.

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Agree with @rhughes, the info on who took the certifications/tests was much better in PMC than it is now in Partner Center.

We need to be able to see who took the exam, not just "still missing one".

Bring over the functionality we had in PMC.

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Its not just a case of saying you're missing one person passing the qualifications its that you haven't achieved the qualifications requirements.


Example is for gold where it requires 4 people to pass an exam or qualifications it just says you must have 4 people pass and at the top says 0 of 1 unless you have all 4 people pass even if you've already got silver and on the journey to gold with typical 2 people already passed. Previously when it listed the individuals against the exam requirements I could see clearly who had passed, but also when we had issues with peoples qualifications not been reflected in the partner portal and could then raise a support ticket.


It made it much easier to track then now where ti looks to others in my company that we still need 4 people to pass on top of those who have for silver.


Surely it can't be that hard to put back functionality that previously existed.


Afaik this can only be done indirectly by downloading the certification report.

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This is simply too difficult to work with.