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O365 accounts locked



Since friday, our O365 email accounts were locked because our partnership expired. we had 35 emails with the partnership. Normally we got in touch with the support and they told us that we'll have 30 days grace period beginnig friday and it wasn't the case. So friday we woked up with no access to our emails. We are working on finding a definitive solution but my problem is the accounts are deactivated but the emails still were received on the o365 accounts. I've configured our Cisco secure relay to redirect emails destinated to O365 accounts to alternative email accounts, but the problem is emails received all the friday day were already delivered to O365 accounts and we cannot see them.

What can we do to get access to friday emails stored on o365 ? Support is not getting back to us.

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I have been facing same problem with me also. Science yesterday my subscription was expired so I renew the subscription for that I reinstalled a new version of microsoft office 365 download from the official site but after that, I did not login to the admin portal it shows me that my subscription is over so I call the support they told me that it will update after 2-3 days.


Sounds like you already were at the end of the 30 day grace period (This can usually be seen in the subscription/license  details in the O365 admin portal). Often the subscription duration matches with the partnership, but this is not always true - so better alwqays also check the subscription end date listed in the tenant and do not reyl on the partnership expiration date alone. 


Generally the admin can still access the environment, and if you have a single license (e.g. should you renew partnership you will get new licenses for the next 12 months, or admin can at all times get/buy a new license and cancel this again after a short period) you can simply reassign this license to the user account to give the user access again. 

You can also convert the mailbox to a shared mailbox after assigning the user account a license, then reassign the license to a different user etc... So in the end the admin (which finally has the single license assigned) can access all the mailboxes as shared mailboxes and recover emails manually. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/email/convert-user-mailbox-to-shared-mailbox?view=o365-worldwide


However - when the user account was disabled and so the user could not log in, usually Exchange will also not receive any emails from this point in time. 


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