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Level 1 Contributor

No answer at the partner helpline,800-765-7768

They tell you go online to https://support.microsoft.com/support and that does not work.

What is going on?

Community Manager

Hello @pgm554 ,


Thank you for your message and feedback!

I am not sure what you mean by the link below not working? Is not loading?

Please be aware that support team is currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests.

To help us respond to your request, please submit via our online submission process if you haven’t done so already.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Level 1 Contributor

I can't log a call using my MAPS subscription as it doesn't recognize my email address as being valid (the same one I'm using here by the way).

I can't log a call through my partner dashboard either.

Nobody is answering calls and it's been like that for over a month.

We're too busy ,don't call back,go online.

I paid $500 bucks to be told to blow it off?

This is a joke.

Community Manager

Hi Paul,


Due to these delays, the fastest way to get support is by accessing your Partner Center account and submitting an online ticket.

So is login into Partner Center your primary issue or on what matter were you trying to contact support in the first place?

Perhaps the partner community has a solution for you.