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New Solutions Partner pointsystem and metrics is flawed. Here is why!

It's my opinion that the requirements, metrics used and how it's weighted in the new pointsystem is flawed and is significantly hurting Microsoft Partners like myself. 




First off i'd like to say im positive to a point system in principle, as it's let's Microsoft Partners with different business models reach the goal.

But that's now how it works now and it's hurting us!


Point max limit

But the current systems forces a circle into a square. So regardless of where you perform, the max points limit is set so low that that you have to score significantly in all categories. 


Point weight and distribution

Points are distribution in such a way that you have to score high all categories. Take Infrastructure - Skilling.

To achieve the 20 points in Intermediate certifications. First all individuals must take Azure Administrator Associate. OK sure, but then each qualifing individual must take of the required exam. Which are I'd call advanced certifications which require significant invenstment. Then the outcome is just 4 points pr individual. 


So to take us as an example. I'd have to send all my 5 engineers to get certifications, when in reality they have different specializations. And don't really need them, but thats the only way to get 20 points. 


We have a significant 764,8% increase in Usage growth for Infrastructure. But we only get 20 points. So we're still unable to achive the points. 


Constitutes Riskincrease for businesses

As a business we have to manage risk. These new partner requirements constitutes a significant risk increase for our business. As the requirements are based metrics outside our control, like our endcustomers growth, and require a significant investment on of resources. Add on Microsofts continuingly leaving partners with worse terms. We have to seriously evaluate if it's still worth the risk.


Metrics that incentives bad business practices

Take for example the Modern Work program. Both it's Performance and Customer Success metrics focus on solely on exponential growth. Which is not sustainable. With a saturated market and only so much organic growth. These metrics incentivies bad partner pratices where we have to start pushing our clients for licenses and products they don't need to meet quotas. This is not good business practices and not how a partner should behave. 


Zero metrics for loyalty.

With a already saturated market in modern economies. The majority of my new clients already have Office 365 services. Yet there are zero metrics for good partner pratices, like measuring customer loss or loyalty. 


Microsoft Partners, including myself is expressing our frustration and lack of understanding with how these new requirements are seriously damaging our business. And are sharing these on, signature petitions, with MS Partner support and on this forum.


So I plead you Microsoft to do this:

  • Pause the implementation of these requirements
  • Take a moment to reevaluate how SMB partners help you and how you are building recentment in your most valued ambassadors, who plant the seed which grows your business
  • Reconsider how these requirements would work in a real life business scenario for SMB partners and take into considerations the real world consequences of your requirements. 
  • Lunch the program again with reevaluated requirements and metrics. 

Additionally Microsoft: I've been in contact Microsoft Partner Support and yes I have a good understanding of new requirements, how the program works and your new score simulator tool. This is not the issue, the issue is the new requirements at it's core. 

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There have only been 38 partners that have achieved Bizz App Solution Partner out of 440k global partners, that how messed up the metrics are.