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Never-ending validation

When I upload an appxupload in the Partner Center I get the pop-up message: Validating, and that's as far as it gets. I've tried different app-packages. I've tried cancelling the whole Submission and starting over. I always just eventually get the message:

The package ***_bundle.appxupload is taking a long time to process. If this isn’t completed soon, try refreshing the page, or remove the package and then upload it again. If you continue to see this issue, contact support.


This is a new issue; I have a previously submitted package that validated successfully. There does not seem to be any way to contact support from the Partner Center (unless, perhaps, you pay thousands of dollars for a contract). Jumping through all the hoops to contact support and start a ticket only leads you to a page that shows help documents with no relevant information and no actual ticket submission option.

Community Manager

Hi Phil,


thanks for your feedback!

Submitting a case to support is at no cost, can you please share what support path you selected to raise this issue?

Also please note the assigned global admin from your organization has the permission to submit tickets to support.


Thank you,


Level 1 Contributor

In Partner Center I click Support
Click Windows and Xbox Support
Click Contact Us
Click Windows 10 UWP App Development
Click Submit an Incident
Select Product Family: Partner Center
Get Message: Partner Support is managed in the Partner Center
Click Partner Center
Click Create a Ticket in Partner Center
And I’m returned to the Partner Center on a page that just has:
Help and support
Tell us about your issue
A search box that doesn’t turn up anything
Browse topics
I now see that if I browse topics, there are some that eventually give you the opportunity to Provide Additional Details, but any topics that come anywhere close to the issue I’m having, such as
Developer Tools > Developer Tools > Azure DevOps, Visual Studio App Center or IDE and Windows 10 UWP App Development
I only get a page of links to help documents and a button to Return to Dashboard.
Is there some secret combination of topics I need to click on to get to ask this particular question of someone who would know what to do? Or should I lie and say I can’t login or something like that, and hope I reach somebody who can help me anyway?

Community Manager

🙂 thanks for the detailed repro!
this should not be a convoluted process.
I would suggest you raise a case from this area then: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/support/

(In the documentation page you have a support option)


Hope this helps,

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You'll have to be a little more specific about what you mean by "(In the documentation page you have a support option)", because the link you provided is one of the pages I passed through on my long and winding road. That was step three where I clicked "Contact Us."

Community Manager

Yes, I was referring to what you mentioned to step #3, I understand now, so it redirected you to PC. 

If I understand correctly and you have issues in uploading the app on  Commercial Marketplace I do recommend you to browse thoroughly the Commercial Marketplace topics and should be able to go beyond the documentation and raise a case to support:




otherwise, I recommend instead of selecting product family Partner Center to use this path: 


Annotation 2020-07-21 174354.png








Level 1 Contributor

The second solution you suggest requires a support contract, or costs $499 to ask a single question.

The first solution you give does offer some ways to submit a ticket, but none of the subtopics is directly applicable. I've submitted a ticket anyway, filing my issue under an Azure offer; I'll see if that gets me an answer, but I'm expecting "Not our problem."