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Need Community Networking Solution for Non-Profit (B2B, B2C)

My client is a non-profit that coordinates network members from cross-industry orgs to protect vulnerable populations (i.e. human trafficking, child exploitation, elder abuse, etc.).  The cross-industry orgs include Financial, Fintech, NGOs, Law Enforcement, and AI/ML companies.  We currently have ~500 in the network and expect to grow to 10k in the next 3 years.

I need a secure and feature rich community solution to allow for public and private conversations, news, discussions, etc.  I would normally use Yammer, but the network members will not be in our active directory and we cannot afford the licenses.  I don't want to develop a custom solution because of the operational overhead.

Is there a Microsoft Solution?

I'm currently looking at Salesforce Communities, Khoros, Influitive, and Hive.

All help appreciated.


Community Manager

Hi @cspagnoli ,


Thanks for reaching out! This platform is built on Khoros actually, so you can browse and look it at is features.

It is WW OCP supported platform and is a highly customizable and user friendly.

Feel free to also visit Home - Microsoft Tech Community and Forums - Microsoft Power BI Community both built on Khoros.


hope this helps,