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Move Offer from a partner center to another



I need the possibility to move an offer from 1 partner center to another. While upgrading from Cloud portal to Partner Center, you have automatically created a new partner center, while we already have one.


Other scenario's where this would be usefull, if partners with lots of offers would like to split their business over multiple partner centers and/or vice versa for better management


Thanks !



Hi @ToGhe 


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


Can you please contact me in private and provide more info? Including the MPN ids that you have?


Thank you!


Community Manager

Hey @ToGhe 


You mean you created a profile on the Cloud Partner portal and that triggered a new accoount in Partner Center ?

The Cloud Partner Portal and the Partner Center are two different instances. First is for managing your offers on Azure Marketplace and Azure AppSource and the latter is to manage your membership.

Please see below:

Read more about the Cloud Partner Portal

Read more about Partner Center


@Mihai , is this something you can investigate, from a migration perspective how acccounts can be merged / split ?

Then we can look further at posting the offers process.


Thank you,