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Missing permissions for cdx.transform.microsoft.com demo environment

Accessing CDX environment, it gives following error: Oops! It looks like you do not have permissions to access this page.

We looked but couldn't find your login <ACCOUNT> as a Microsoft partner. Please go directly to Partner Center to join the Microsoft Partner Network.


We are partners, but our domain was changed lately  - who can help with that issue?


Community Manager

Hi @Marko125l,


Thank you for your query!

If your domain changed recently this should reflect in Partner Center, so you would need to register the new domain.

You can refer to this post: https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Partnership-101/Changing-your-partner-domain-or-quot-tenant-quot/m-p/8771/highlight/true#M421


I suggest you submit a case via our online submission process.


Hope this helps,



Level 1 Contributor


Thanks for your reply. I think our MPN status is OK and domain has changed properly and it is mapped against proper tenant. Problem is that we can not use CDX environment. I have raised also support case and waiting for reply.