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Missing Action Pack Subscription

I purchased a new action pack subscription in November 2020, payment was made using my credit card and I can see that the payment went through successfully and has not been credited back to me card.  My action pack subscription has been removed from my partner portal and the license keys that I had used have stopped working.


I’ve raised a support case for this but nearly two weeks later and I am no where near getting this resolved.  Supports solution is to purchase a new subscription!!  I have asked for this to be escalated but keep getting told the solution is to purchase a new subscription.

Does anyone know how to escalate this internally with the partner team?

Community Manager

Hi @DhsComputers 


Thanks for the details, I understand. Typically in these sort of situations we have the support team to help.

The agents have access to your account and can advise on the best approach.

🚩One last thing for clarity is when you say you can no longer access the benefits is there any error message or notification you are seeing in the Partner Center dashboard or have you received one before submitting the case to support?



Thank you,



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Hi Andra


For clarity when I go to access any of my benefits I get the message "Looks like you don't have any benefits yet".  I agree that raising a support ticket is the correct and best approach unfortunately my case has been open for almost two weeks now and I am not making any progress.  Supports approach has been to suggest I purchase a new subscription which is not acceptable given that I only purchased on in November.


Escalating the issue with support is impossible, and I was hoping posting in this forum might have helped point me in the direction of someone internally at Microsoft in the partner team in order to get this resolved.


Thank you


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Hi Andra


Thank you for responding.


My business has gone through the verification process successfully.  As per my original post I purchased the MAPS in November 2020 - so less than two months ago, the subscription was present on my partner account but has now been removed and I have been unable to get an explanation as to why.  As stated in my original post the credit card transaction has not been refunded which was the issue for another partner as mentioned in another post on the forum.


As far as I am concerned I have already purchased a subscription and would like my access reinstated.  I don't want a refund


I have raised a support ticket but am not getting anywhere with them, their solution is to purchase a new subscription, as stated I only purchased one less that two months ago.  I have asked for the case to be escalated but the support person I am dealing with is not doing this.


Hopefully this explains the situation.  To reiterate, I don't want a refund I would just like my access back.


Community Manager

Hi @DhsComputers ,


Thanks for your feedback!

Are you encountering any error when trying to purchase MAPS? 

Has your business been through the verification process already?


According to our guidelines the elligbility for a refund for MAPS falls under certain requirements:

If you wish to discuss refund options for an MPN benefit (Action Pack, Silver level or Gold level) you have purchased, then please be aware that your request must match the following criteria to be eligible for a refund.

  • The purchase was made within the last 30 days
  • All benefits must not be activated/used and the keys must not be viewed (even if they are not activated); otherwise the request will be denied.


Thank you,