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Microsoft developer account stuck on Email Verification


We have a issue with our Microsoft developer account, our company Waves Process Intelligence created a Microsoft developer account called

As primary contact, we are using our company info mail called and also our phone number. We receive the verify account mail in the inbox of

We just follow the steps in the e-mail. Meaning clicking the link and logging in, we are then redirected to the dashboard page. However, our Microsoft developer account is stuck in e-mail verification. ( see screenshot )

This is already going on for days, and we would like to continue this process, so we can publish our application in the Microsoft store. Can we get any help? Also is someone else having the same issue?   


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We had the same issue.  Generally it should be approved within a few hours.  It could be there is no way out of it, your going to have to open a support ticket as this needs to be resolved internally by MS.  Be warned, this took us 3weeks to get solved 😞