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Microsoft Teams

I'm new to Microsoft Partner Community and I would like to form a new team to develop a application for a common purpose, if you are interested in sharing some ideas on the subject that would be just great.


Here is my Default Dirctory https://teams.microsoft.com/join/efyyn0f47sde hyperlink were you can join automatically.


In present I'm learning to code in C++ and it is worth it, I'm focusing on developing a domain browser to be earn a passive income for these IT service.


Best Regards

Community Manager

Hi @Marian1991 ,


Welcome to the Microsoft Partner Community!

This community aims to bring together established Microsoft Partners and potential Microsoft Partners to connect.

Looking to build partnerships and alliances on an existing business is encouraged here while finding means for passive income is out of communities scope.
Before exploring the opportunities please read carefully our community best practices here: https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/WelcomeGuidelines .

You can start by enrolling in Partner Center and create a developer account for your products: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/store/open-a-developer-account


Thank you,