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Microsoft Partner Verification failing

My comany has yet invested quite some time to get through microsoft partner verification process.

The process is stuck at both profile and company profile fourth point .


Since i see the german translation"Verifizierung des Beschäftigungsverhältnisses", it's best translated as "Verification of the employment relationship". At this point, you request domain related documents which clearly have no relation to the verfication step.


At that time, I uploaded documents several times about domain registration up to company formation as managing director.


But your employee or bot (i don't know) never seems satisfied. Now, too many verification attempts have "failed" and more documents cannot be uploaded. I already know the FAQ and help pages.


I expect more precise information from Microsoft, especially when it comes to verification, and in case of doubt, a personal message instead of the automated answers.


Since I don't see any other sensible point of contact, please have a Microsoft employee take a closer look at our verification process.


Kind regards,




The kind of information that is being asked here, is to check if the email domain used by the primary contact you entered is related/owned by the company you are trying to register. This is why it is called "employment verification" - if the user doing the registration is using a contact email that really belongs to the company.

As @v-jillarmour mentioned, please post the support ticket ID. If no support ticket was opened, please do so.

Kind regards, Janosch
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@Chapter2Digital I'm sorry to hear of your troubles here. Can you share your ticket number with me and I will check on the status?