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Microsoft Partner Team Providing Bad Service

Hi MS Partners - I am wondering if you all are experiencing poor service from the partner team?


Since July 2019 (Microsoft's Q1) we have seen our partner support go from outstanding to offensive.  They have taken away IURs from us and when contacting them for partner help (with partner account stuff, not client related support) they are rude and deny everything first.  After providing evidence to a situation they will now deny and escalate.  From there it's a gamble if you actually get a manager or not, and then if the manager will actually DO anything.


They last 2 or 3 contacts I've had with them, they've denied benefits without basis and will not provide any reasoning other than "management did not approve this".


It's like they're having money troubles and they had to cut support costs to stay afloat - which we all know is NOT the case.  MS is financially sound, so why did they change up their support model?

I'm noticing too that my "inside contacts" have less power today than they did last year, to help resolve issues. In fact, I get stonewalled at times - I don't know if that's becuase they're too busy because they've got a larger partner case load, or if it's because they can't help me due to their hands being tied from above.


Am I the only one seeing this?  Would love to hear if other are as well.


~Nick Kershner

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Agreed – I too feel that the MS Partner Support Team is unable to provide support and actually make decisions.  I have been working on a problem since 12/20/2019 and though I do get calls back I have to re-explain what my problem is each time I speak with someone.  I have searched the Internet and came across this site and have posted my issue in hopes of getting some I can actually talk to who can make a decision.  Also, after reviewing the posts on this site it seems that Microsoft is changing the Partner Program and not for the better. 

Community Manager

Good day @BrnHornet ,


Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Partne Community and sharing your queries with us. 

I noticed your recent posts on MPC and that it has been difficult to resolve pending issues with the Support team.

May I get a sense of the current situation, such as what are the current open items you have with support ?

If possible, please share with me in this thread or a private message the open case/s number.

I would like to determine if there are any blockers before advising further.


Have a great day ahead!

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Ms. Andra -


Here is what I provided when I created by support ticket submitted on 1/1//2020.
I currently using Exchange Server 2014 running on Server 2012R2. I am in the process of upgrading my environment to 2016 as my hardware is not capable of supporting 2019 - specifically Exchange 2019. Unfortunately I did not D/L the KEYS for Exchange 2016 prior to it getting removed from my Action Pack Subscription. As I am not in a position to upgrade my hardware I need to speak with someone on how best to obtain the necessary KEY. I understand the desire to keep the current license but I am disappointed that the program doesn't support current version -1. As the newer versions of the some of the software are removing features - such as 2019 Server Essentials vs 2012 Server Essentials. If I had know when the KEYS would have been pulled I would secured a copy of them, which I regret I did not do so. I would like to visit with someone to discuss options that I might use to get to Exchange 2016.


Again I did get call from low level support techs but no one was able to make any sort of decisions - in fact they just closed the case w/o providing any type of solution other than "Go and by Exchange On-line".  Not what I call quality support, though I still re-newed my subscription!  


Regards -


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Hi Andra,


I'll address the Open Cases first - I don't have any open cases. I get a reply of "denied" immediately followed by "your case is now closed".


I've tried every trick I had left in my hat just to get a proper consideration, but that in itself is the problem. My Partner Rep can't help either - oh wait, I don't HAVE a partner rep anymore! I used to be in SMB Champions Club and today I don't even have a rep. And I'm obviously selling more today than I did when I was "A Champion".


Yes, I have an issue I consider 'open' which has to do with my IUR licenses and the rediculous "process" that is REQUIRED but is only stated in ONE very diffucult to comprehend sentence buried in the middle of the guide that must be sought out. Not ONCE have I read or needed to read a How To Add Licensing Guide on adding IURs to my account. And why would I, it's just redeeming a code like I do all day every day?!?!!!!


I have to "unlicense every user, then add the new IURs in, the re-license every user. BUT ONLY FOR THAT ONE SKU. If you have 2 skus, you need to do this process twice, once with each SKU. Don't worry about your support team not being able to login to support clients while this happens... Don't worry about unlicensing live users - no big deal, right?"  WHAT?!?!!!!  That's INSANE!


But beyond my issue with IUR licensing and the completely rediculous lack of understanding from the partner team, overall we are getting less help, support and attention from the partner team. I know MULTIPLE IT firms that are leaving the Microsoft arena entirely because of this (they've come out of the woodwork due to my posts).


Andra, if you would like to help, you're going to have to take this issue to the highest levels. It's now a fundamental issue with the partner channel.



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I guess they asked BrnHornet for a detailed reply, but I thought they asked me for it.


Ooops, you guys got more input from me by accident. My mistake.



Community Manager

Hi @NickKershner,


Indeed my reply was for @BrnHornet, but that is alright. 🙂


Thank you for adding your input, I noticed you have been in contact with my colleague Mihai on this particular situation.

Please note he recently transitioned to another team, hence you might have experienced a delay in response.

I am keen on closing the loop with a resolution.


He investigated this case to see if there is anything else to do regarding the IUR renewal matter, from a process standpoint. The short answer is we cannot influence Escalation Support decisions.
Now, while seats reactivation was an unfortunate mistake, the investigation shows that more than 30 days have passed from the reactivation till support was looped in, which means no changes could be made.

I can definitely understand this drawed your attention at a later date, once the licenses were expired, due to system notifications and I want to emphasize Escalation Support did respect the policy and guidelines on this case.


Finally, to address your query, what I can do and will do is take the feedback to a higher level in relation to the following topics. Please confirm the below via DM if you prefer:

Partner Center - Your account migration from the old portal (Partner Membership Center) to the new platform (Partner Center) occured in 2017. Apart from the IUR renewals, since then, are there any other errors or glitches you encountered?
Email received from MPA not redirecting you to the Acceptance form. Do you have any screenshot that shows were you are redirected to ? Otherwise the responsible teams will not be able to check.
IUR Renewal process design - You claim you had only X number of seats in the tenant to renew, the exact number of seats of the new token and this still did not generate the extend (renew) option. Is my understanding correct?

Unfortunately I don`t have visibility over the case details, do you have a screenshot from Partner Cener showing there was no option to renew/extend ?
I get from your posts you did not find this a straight forward process, i.e. removing extra seats in order to get the renew (extend) option, which caused you to activate extra seats instead of renewing the number of X, so I will make sure this reaches internal teams to review for future Partner Center updates.


Have a great week ahead,



Hi @NickKershner,


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I am so sorry to hear you had a such an experience when trying to contact Microsoft Support. 


In order to make an in-depth investigation on how to solve your problem and to determine what should we do next, I would need your ticket IDs, case IDs or any other documentation you have in this regard after contacting Frontline. Also, it would be great for me to know, where you have asked for support exactly (the tool or the website)? 


Here, at Microsoft, we strive to provide the best customer experience and I will try to do my best to figure out what happened and what is the solution for this matter. 


Thank you very much! 


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Hello Mihai, 


I'm not sure you would want me to post those details here.  I have held quite a bit back here because I fear posting the case and [multiple] results would upset the Microsoft employees looking at the post.  I wanted to give your team the opportunity to resolve the issue before I post all the gory details.


Would you like me to post this information here? 


Or would you prefer to use Direct Message to try to resolve this?




Hi Nick,

Thank you for replying!

A direct message would work.

I will try to contact the teams who have worked on this matter and I will try to figure out, together with them, what happened exactly. I will also try to find a way to avoid this situation in the future.

Have a nice day!
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Let me add that what I DM'ed you about is just ONE issue.  Every interaction I've had with the partner team is different than it used to be. The reps are usually short with us, they prematurely close support requests (especially over weekends which should be removed from the ticket timeout) and it seems they have less power than they used to.


Things I used to get resolved by communicating with one person now takes a series of escalations to resolve. I use "resolve" loosely as many times we never get an actual fix. Many times we just get "sorry, there is nothing we can do to help" where if I put in the same request a year ago I would have got a fix.


Thanks again for looking into this.  It feels as if something fundamental changed in MS FY21 with the partner team, and it's hurting our MSP.



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Hi Mihai,


I have sent you the DM.  I look forward to your investigation.