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Microsoft Azure for hosting providers


We are trying to find more information about hosting providers using SPLA licensing and wanting to extend the hosting environment to Azure. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information other than that it is possible according to the benefits. "Have the option to focus on hosting your application solutions and acquire infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from a Data Center Provider, including Microsoft Azure."


Does this mean that hosting providers using SPLA license can utilize the Azure Hybrid Benefit if licensed using SPLA?


Thanks you.


In the SPLA use rights document, for each product there is a note of this is "DCP Eligible" (=Eligible to be used in data Center Providers environment, which means another SPLA Partners DC, or Azure).

Only licenses that are DCP eligible can be used in Azure - e.g. Windows Server core licenses from SPLA can not be used in Azure, RDS SALs can. SQL Server core licenses can not be used, SQL SALs can.

Also the typical SPLA scenario for Azure is that the SPLA Partner builds and owns an Azure environment (Azure tenant and subscription owned by Partner), there they can use their SPLA licenses to build a hosted service offering. However, in Azure and especially for using Microsoft 365 or Dynamics cloud services it might be better, sometimes the only allowed option to build environments per customer, where each customer gets their own separate environment, in this case you would rather resell those licenses/subscriptions via CSP and not use SPLA at all.


Send me a private message if you need more information, this can become a rather complex discussion depending on the solution you want to build.



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