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MPN Merge/Cleanup issue

I created Microsoft partner id and bought action pack in May, 

Somehow i was not able to see Microsoft admin center.So I created a ticket to associate my new tenant with my MPN. After couple of days, they contact me and said that your account need to be cleanup and everything will be removed, you will get refund for your actionpack. Then they will associate your MPN with new tenant.

After a week they said you can't get refund because it's over a month. then 2 weeks later they said that during your account cleanup process, everything will be deleted even your partner id except your tenant.

I don't understand what they are trying to do with my account, If they will delete my partner account then how they will associate new tenant to my partner Id. they are asking my confirmation to process. It's ridiculous.

The ticket has been created since 2 months, still not resolved.

Anyone face this kind of issue, Please suggest me what to do now.


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Hi @kanchankora ,


Thank you for the feedback!

Most likely you have a duplicate tenant and support is helping you merge these account under one tenant.

That should be the standard approach.

Regarding your pending case with support, you can add a new note to the ticket and ask for clarifications and escalate the case.

For the record, can you please share the case ID with me via a private message?


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