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M365 Business and EMM Competency

Hi Humans,


I'm currently finding some conflicting information about the EMM Competency for Relevant new customers acquired where we have deployed Intune for those customers using the 'M365 Business' SKU.


The criteria states:

  • Add 3 new Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) customers within the last 12 months and deploy 500 active entitlements

You must have deployed Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, or Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP).


Because 'M365 Business' uses components of EMS but does not include EMS as a SKU, does this mean that M365 Business does not count towards the EMM Competency?


I have received two conflicting views from Partner Support so am looking to see if anyone can definitively answer this for me.




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I've been through this with partner support and in another thread.


M365 licenses don't count towards the competencies. Makes no sense to me and has impacted us on our ability to get the competency as we've transitioned customers to M365 licenses.




I've never got a clear answer on what constitutes an active users and any minimum numbers of users per customer. At the moment none of our customers seem to count.