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Looking to obtain commercial license for Xbox Games

Hi all, I'm going to start out by saying I'm very sorry that this is the wrong place for this. I contacted Microsoft Support and was directed here, but this is clearly not where I want to be. I'm attempting to open a gaming parlor, and was wondering where/how I would obtain a commercial license for all Xbox games in existence (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One). I can't seem to find any other method of contact about such an inquiry, so I'm just going to try this because this is as close to where I want to be as I can get. Again, apologies that this isn't exactly where this belongs (I assume). If anyone has information as to how I would contact Microsoft about such an inquiry, please do let me know. If this gets taken down I do understand, but I've been researching for 4 days now and this is as close as I've gotten. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @The_DylPickle00 ,


Welcome on the Microsoft Partner Community!

Indeed this platform is dedicated to Partners and Microsoft business conversations.


As Xbox is typically an end-user type of product I am not sure if a commercial license would apply, however you might want to check the Microsoft Public Relations for a contact.

Also XBOX Community , Support for Business & Microsoft Store might work as well.

Links to these resources below.

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Thanks, I'll take a look!
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Did you find out anything more? I am also looking to see if an Xbox commercial license exists.

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Hi @MultiCallum ,


Thank you for reactivating this topic!

I would pass this on to @The_DylPickle00  to advise if & how he solved this situation.

Unfortunately I am not aware of a solution, have you tried the resources I added in this thread ?

My strong reccomendation is to look up this page : https://www.xbox.com/en-us/developers/rules and get in touch with Xbox support.


Hope this helps,