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List of competencies

As a global Microsoft partner with around 80.000 employees of which more than 8.000 work with Microsoft products on a daily basic, we often have to reply to RFP etc. with a skill matrix on how many exams/certifications we have on ie. Dynamics 365 FO in each country around the world.


Been trying to get hold of a total list of CGI´s registered exams/certifications - aware that we need the consultants to link their personal e-mail to CGI´s MPN ID.


We would like a possibility to download the excel spreadsheet with our combined competencies world wide and being able to filter them by country / Exams / Certifications


To be able to answer customer RFP with

    Dyn365FO Certifications in

       Denmark    100 certifications - 5 Finance - 25 Supply Chain etc.

       Norway        75 certifications - 5 Finance - 2 Talent - 25 Dyn365CE


Gues its pretty easy for smaller partners to get an overview but for world wide partners like CGI the current spreadsheet it does not provide the needed filters.