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Is there an RSS feed for content on this site

With Yammer, could keep track of conversations and new content. With this new site, I don't see a way to get content delivered to my Outlook so that I can track it. One way is an RSS feed for content. Otherwise, this us yet another site I need to visit along with everthing else I have available thru the Microsoft Partner Network. Which brings up the point - what's the difference between this site and


Hello and thanks for your questions. 

To keep track of conversations and content, you can subscribe to get updates to your inbox. So that you can be precise with the updates you get, you can subscribe to a discussion board, post or label, or all three if you choose. How to do this is outlined here: under Posts, "How do I subscribe to a board, post or label?" 

Further, for any replies or interactions with your post, you automatically get an inbox notification (to the email address associated with your account) and MPC dashboard notification (in the upper right-hand corner of this site).

To your second question on how this site differs from the one you provided a link to, the link you provided is to the Microsoft Partner Network portal, which is a great "front door" for our partners to access the latest relevant information curated by Microsoft. This Microsoft Partner Community site is around partner to partner engagement and a forum for partners to provide feedback & ask questions.

Hope that clarifies, if not let us know - thanks!