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How to get MS Partner Help?


My issue is our partner code for windows 10 enterprise is now considered invalid when people upgrade to 1903 of Windows 10.

The "Support HELP" goes to the url https://partner.microsoft.com/en-au/support but no where here is there an option to get help and submit a ticket, surely MS has something in place..
>> Does someone know how you can get help ?


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Re: How to get MS Partner Help?

Hi @GregRoberts ,


Thanks for reaching out!

I suggest you use these parameteres and go to Microsoft Support as shown below or try to submit directly an incident online (under Support options).


Annotation 2019-11-28 095428.png











Re: How to get MS Partner Help?

@GregRoberts : You mean the Product Key will not be accepted, Windows does not activate? The product key for Partner internal use rights is a MAK key with limited numbers of activations. The suggestion by @Andra is correct, but as additional info you can use the VAMT tool to check on the reamining number of activations. 

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Re: How to get MS Partner Help?

Just following this topic as I had similar licensing issues and the partner team refused to repair the issue with the licenses.  So I had to purchase licenses for what SHOULD have been IURs (which I pay for through my membership).


Want to see how this plays out.