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How to escalate issues when partner network support stops responding

When a Partner raises a support ticket and there is no response for more than 48 hours or a resolution post sufficient time has passed how do we escalate this internally at Microsoft for speedier response/resolution.


I dont see any documentation to that effect and it would help if we could get some details

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I've been working with Microsoft for the last 2 years in different companies, and never did I experience this level of delay.

8 days since I opened a ticket for Employment verification and pin-drop silence. No response. I went through


and submitted the documents, but just no response.

Community Manager

Hi @vishpc ,


When was the last time you submit the documents to support?

Can you access the case and add a note requesting for an update, please?


Thank you,


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hi Andra,


Sorry to say that requesting updates via adding notes seems to have absolutely no effect.


I've had ticket No. 2101120040001565 open since 12th jan without any response at all... just complete silence... added note 15th still no response.


What to do?

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Hi @Andra ,
Appreciate the response.
I just added a note requesting update.
Ticket Open date: 1/11/2021
Document Upload Date: 1/14/2021

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@Andra ,
Please note that I requested status update on the ticket almost daily.

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Hello All,


Its pathetic situation one of the vendor team for a solution, severity A case even i didn't get 5 days no responds and getting responds this non-Microsoft standard - even they don't know what they are talking about (I hope you will have access to read the update on these ticket) 120102023000857,120102923001083


There is two ticket related Azure(S2S) with On-Prem RRAS & Azure P2P (Point VPN connection to windows 10 systems). Its hard to make people understand about the priority as well as the seriousness. I think i have escalated in all the way to that Vendor in the top level. Either people should be technical or people should drive smoothly (Serval time informed them that its not MS standard - someone should check the ticket)


Is there anyway that someone can talk to them?





Community Manager

Hi @JDMiller ,


Thank you for sharing this feedback with us!

The best route for getting support is by creating a case from Partner Center.

Escalating the case can be done by adding new notes on the case and requesting an update.


💡As a general best practice: raising multiple cases, will not expedite the resolution, but rather create more backlog and potentially extend the time for response.

Thank you,


Community Manager

Hi @dobrynskyy ,


Depending on the step where verification blocked, please see and follow the steps described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/verification-responses


The Global Admin who raised the case with support should have access to update it, and request for a status.


Thank you,


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I have already submitted documentation. It does not appear that anyone has looked at my ticket which was submitted 11/12/2020. The Partner Support phone number does not provide a phone tree to reach anyone and does not take a message.


My ticket number is 2011110040006067. Who can I call to have it reviewed or escalated. 


Thank you.




Community Manager

Hi @dobrynskyy ,


Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Can you please clarify what issue you are encountering?
Is there a company verification issue, benefits related?


Thank you,


Level 1 Contributor

There are actually multiple issues but most important is that we are not able to activate our Action Pack that we have paid in full due to Company Account not verified for some reason. When we check the company account it has a different status for different users and support is just not responding to our requests, while when you submit a request to a support team it mentions that the response should be in 8 hours.

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We have exactly the same case! We have a support business ourselves and this is really strange to see such poor support even for partners. Waiting for a response on a ticket for a week! I believe this is too much and gives no confidence in the future - we promise our customers prompt support and not able to provide that waiting for a week to get a reply from Microsoft. How is this called a partnership program? No escalation hints found so far 😞

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Escalate your issue to Microsoft Account Specialist Team. If you have already exhausted all possible self-service option for your issue, you can escalate your issue to the level 2 support : Account Specialist Team by submitting an Escalation Support Ticket. This might take a little of your time but it's worth to do.

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I am also suffering an issue for the last 4 months and all i get to hear from Microsoft is that I need to be a little more patient for my issue to be resolved. I am given to understand that they are escalating the issue but there is no response.

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Hej Lewis, I couldn't quite find a link myself in the partner center for creating an escalation ticket to the account specialist team.  Actually doesn't seem possible at this point to open a non-technical support ticket at all via the MSPN center site.


Would you happen to have a screen dump of where you are finding this link/shortcut/possibility to create an escalation case to the account specialist team?


Best regard, MZ

Community Manager

Hello @MichaelZ ,


Please note that support is currently experiencing delays in responding to support requests.

I believe @Lewis-H  is referring to a Technical Account Manager, if you have someone assigned?

There are various support plans, you can consider depending on your business size: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support/partnersupport


For help on all Partner related issues eg MPN program, Licence activation, Partner Center migration, and Technical issues, https://partner.microsoft.com/support is your single point of contact. 


Thank you,


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I'll give that a go, thanks for the tip.



Community Manager

Hi @kiranalur ,


Can you tell us what type of issue you are facing and provide us with a ticket number, to check from our end ?

Depending on the situation we can move this thread to the appropriate forum, so that other partners and Microsoft SMEs can join the conversation and even offer potential solutions.


Kind regards,


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I feel as though we're in the same boat. 


We raise cases with MS (after it has passed our internal 1st Line / 2nd Line) and in some instances, it says we will get a call in 10 minutes or what ever the time frame is. 


We sometimes wait a whole day for a call.  


Or we receive an e-mail from the support agent in 1 hour saying that

"Hi I am your engineer to help support you on this case" 

And thats pretty much it, even if you respond you don't get a responce back. 


We are however coping at moment as we now anticipate this. but just giving my experience. 
And mostly the support is pretty quick. Just when its not it really drags out. 


Additionally to what Andra mentioned, in case you have a Premier support or ASfP support contract, you have access to a dedicated contact (Technical Account Manager/TAM, Service Account Manger/SAM) you can reach out to to escalate any current support issues. 




Kind regards,
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