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How to become a Microsoft Partner

What would be the process to becoming a Microsoft partner and what are the different criterias in obtaining the different bands?

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Hi all, can anyone suggest me how to become silver and gold partnership with Microsoft. I need to know the exact process. Do we have any microsoft contact number to talk with microsoft partnership support team. Please suggest me. Thank you

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I would like to be a Microsoft partner. I am based in Bloemfontein, South Africa





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Hello @Clivemol,


Please review Per`s post above.

You can start the process to become a partner by visiting this link: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership.

It contains all relevant information that you need.


Thank you,


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How can one be a Microsoft Teams expert?


Hi @HMongalo 


I take you two questions as being the same.


There are a large number of opportunities around Teams. you can either become an expert in rolling out, implementing and configuring Teams, or you can become a trainer that helps people use Teams, or you can become a develop that writes software code that is embedded in Teams. When you know what you to want become an expert in, you will need to study and learn. There are some books out there and also great whitepapers from Microsoft that will help you but important is that you set up an environment where you can test/fail/learn in order to become a specialist. Once you got the knowledge, there are some badges and certificates that are worth taking.


Lots of knowledge is to be found here: 






Regards, Per

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Hi Andra

My name is Clement and I am founder of a startup that specialises in Digital Transformation solutions. I have tried many times to sign up to become a Microsoft partner, however I am not getting the email for the verification code sent to my inbox. We very much want to become a partner, as I am currently enrolled on several courses on Azure and Microsoft Dynamics. I am also studying for my MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in Inclusive Innovation with the University of Cape Town.  I am a qualified SCRUM master, am TOGAF 9.2 certified in Enterprise Architecture as well as Business Architecture and our startup was awarded the Most High Impact award during our cohorts at the UCT Solution Space Incubation programme. 


Please assist





Be sure to not use a personal email as primary contact, but a business email (so no @gmail.com, but an email address pointing to your own domain e.g. @contoso.com). If this does also fail, open a ticket in Partner Center support.



Kind regards,
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Thanks Andra! Hello Clive!


Yes, the first step is to register as a partner in the MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) portal. The entry level 'Member' is free and gives you lots of benefits such as eligibility to order Action Pack at a favorable price point. As you specialize and grow your business you should take a look at qualifying for Competencies and this will give you Silver or Gold Status.


If you also want to resell licenses and services from Microsoft, you should talk to one of the local distributors in South Africa like Techdata and Ingram. The Microsoft office in Johannesburg can help you if you want to know the full list of Microsoft distributors in South Africa (phone +27 11 361 9000).


Regards, Per






Hi Asmita,

There are three levels in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). They are Member, Silver Competency or Gold Competency. It's super easy to become a member and it is also free so that's where you start. As you then specialize and can demonstrate capabilities in a certain area you can qualify for a Silver or Gold Competency.

You will find all information here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership


Regards, Per



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hi PerWerngren


thanks so much for your detailed reply, however i met diffcult:


i want to be a partner, and i went to https://partner.microsoft.com/en-US/membership , however, i get stuck at the page to receive the authentication email to my email.


i did receive the authentication mobile message , but i tried 4 times the authentication email just cannot come. by the way my email was doing fine.


Hi @HamudiZawa, sorry about your experience. I think that you should escalate this to Microsoft on this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/?ws=mscom



Regards, Per